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Pink Floyd: Pulse (Disc 2 of 2-disc DVD)

By Dennis D. McDonald

I remember seeing Pink Floyd perform DARK SIDE OF THE MOON in a live outdoor concert many years ago in Maryland. It was NOTHING like this spectacular -- and huge -- show recorded in 1994, newly released on DVD with a remastered surround soundtrack.

The light show is astonishing. The programming and choreographing of effects integrated with both live and recorded music are something to behold. (It would be interesting to see how much electricity was required to power this show given the huge number of motorized mountings driving the lights.)

We hear DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, WISH YOU WERE HERE, and other selections on this second DVD of a 2-DVD set. Some moderately interesting extras are included, but the concert itself and the fabulous surround sound are the real treat here.

The Illusionist

Robert Zemeckis' CONTACT

Robert Zemeckis' CONTACT